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Product evaluation

What do they say

“This Bluenin set not only has equivalent sound quality as the Bose, it actually is superior to the Bose in a few of ways. The Bluenin has a larger range of adjustable volume (it will get much louder than the Bose), it is much lighter than the Bose, and the battery lasts longer. I'm not sure if it is because of my transmitter but the Bluenin and Bose are equal in that I suffer no latency at all. ”

Since 1998

The wireless earbuds are a breath of fresh air in the way of true in ear wireless earbuds. Not only do they pack a great sound that would leave most over the ear headsets in the dust. There a few features that drew me back a bit, but much more that had me loving it.”


I love everything about this product! From the charging case and it telling me how much percentage I have on my ear buds to how free I am with no cord around my neck when I run at the gym! .”


This item really impress me. It came with a nice white package, including neckband speaker and usb cable. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear..”


" I absolutely love these Bluetooth earbuds!The sound quality on wireless earbuds seem to be hit or miss, regardless of what they advertiseOverall I was very happy with the comfort and ease of use of these too.



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